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Bismarck Avenue is meant for drop-off and pick-up ONLY.

*on North side of Bismarck Avenue to avoid crossing traffic
*Near the crossing guard to ensure safe crossing
*Further down Bismarck Avenue to avoid congested areas

*NO DROP-OFF or PICK-UP  in our parking lot or the circle drive*

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our students safe!


Attendance Procedure

Parents/guardians are expected to notify the school by 9am on the day of absence(s).   
Call 920-424-0349 - please leave a message if the secretary does not answer. 
*APPOINTMENT - state the date and time of pick-up for the appointment
*PERSONAL EXCUSE - you do not need to give a reason, but you can if you would like
*ILL - state your child's symptoms or if they have received a diagnosis from a doctor. If more information is needed, a school nurse may give you a call back.
*VACATION - state the dates your child will be absent and when they are returning to school
~ Thank you for helping us keep attendance as accurate as possible ~


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