Newsletter January 2020

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  Perry Tipler

Middle School


Upcoming Events:

Jan 3      4-10:30pm
Ski Club
Jan 6      6pm
8 gr Open House at West HS
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Jan 7      4pm
8 gr Pep Band at West HS
Jan 8      1:26pm
Early Release
Jan 9      12:30-3:10pm
7 gr Spanish to Marcus Theater
Jan 9       6pm
8 gr Open House at North HS
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Jan 9       7pm
6 gr Band Concert
Jan 16     10am-3pm
all school to Herd game
Jan 17     4-10:30pm
Ski Club
Jan 20     No School
Jan 27     1-3pm
6 gr tours FVTC
Jan 31     4-10:30pm
Ski Club

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Perry Tipler Events Calendar

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Wisconsin Herd


On January 16th Tipler and ALPs Schools will be attending the Wisconsin Herd basketball game to celebrate the many positive behaviors we see everyday.  Game time is at 11:30am. Cost of the trip will be $12, which includes a game ticket and also lunch at the arena.  During the game, Tipler/ALPs students have a chance to take part in the high-five tunnel and to be recognized by the Herd for following the ROAR expectations-

Responsible    Organized    Always     Respectful



Tipler ROAR!

Perry Tipler/ALPs continues to focus on maintaining a positive learning environment.  During the month of January, we will work on acknowledging acts of kindness.  Staff will have specific ROAR tickets that each have a letter from the word KINDNESS on it.  The first three students from each grade level and ALPs who turn in KINDNESS spelled with ROAR tickets will earn lunch with a friend! 
As always, please feel free to connect with
Kevin Wachholz, Dean of Students 
Sarah Poquette, Principal
with feedback on ROAR building expectations.  
Tipler/ALPs is a great place to be! 


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